Friday, June 11, 2010

Reward Students for their Good Grades ~ Blockbuster, Chuck E Cheese, Krispy Kreme, Hostess, Topps

Some places offer rewards for students who get good grades, here are a few...

Blockbuster Video ~ Reward your student's hard work with a free movie rental from a participating Blockbuster store. Qualifying students are eligible for one free Blockbuster Favorites rental each grading period.

Chuck E Cheese ~ Bring report card & receive up to 15 tokens per child. Food purchase required.

Krispy Kreme ~ Receive a donut for every A received (up to 6). I called the Chandler location and they are participating.

Topps of the Class program ~ bring report card to participating store (see link for locations) and receive a great trading card gift.

Wonder/Hostess Outlet Stores ~ Student will receive a FREE Hostess® or Dolly Madison® snack cake. Parents also win! By encouraging your child to do well in school, you will also receive one FREE loaf of bread just for bringing your child and his/her report card to one of our outlet stores. *Rules may vary. Contact local store for information.

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